2023 Swim Club Meet Schedule

Practice: Monday and Wednesday - 6:10 to 7:30 at the Buncombe County Aquatics Center (TC Roberson Campus)

First Practice - Wed, Aug 30 in Room 225 at CCMS after school until 4:15 PM.

We want anyone who is interested, but students need to be able to swim at least one length of the pool already.  

We will train in competitive swimming strokes but we don't expect all students to have the ability to do all four main strokes.

We will work on gaining proficiency in all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.)

We will work on diving and turns for races. 

The swimming goal is for every student to improve their stamina, efficiency, and time.  Becoming a strong swimmer really opens the door for a lifetime of water enjoyment! It is a building block for surfing, feeling confident on lakes and rivers, and of course is great exercise in the pool. 

The big goal is to help students connect to each other as a team and grow confidence and camaraderie. 

The first meeting is primarily for the students to meet each other and myself.  It is also to give them breathing exercises, strengthening exercises and stretches they can do on land to help supplement their swimming.