Math Curriculum
Kim Wrightenberry-Math



School Phone: 628-0824 Room #616

Conferences: Early morning 7:00-7:30   Afternoons 11:30-1:00  3:00-3:30

6th Grade Math Course Description:

The materials we will be using in 6th grade math were created by Illustrative Mathematics in collaboration with Open Up resources. Students will be on line using the Open Up curriculum. It is a problem-based curriculum where students work on sequential mathematical problems during instructional time. Students will use discovery, direct instruction, and prior knowledge to develop an understanding of mathematical ideas and learn to communicate their ideas to others. The goal is to give students just enough background and tools to solve initial problems successfully and move towards more sophisticated problems. (Open Up teacher course guide) 

Topics : factors and multiples; area and surface area, ratios, unit rate and percentages, dividing fractions, expressions and equations,rational numbers, and data sets and distributions

A detailed explanation of NC standard Course of Study can be found at
Buncombe County website Wikki


Course Requirements: Students will do their math using practice problems from the daily lessons. Homework will be given every night Monday-Thursday. It will be a skill review of what was done in class that day. That will give the students time to reflect and practice what they have learned. They will also have a Super Star or a Math Essentials paper given to them on Monday and it is due on Thursday.


All assignments will have equal weight and come from daily work, homework, and tests. All graded work will be kept in a folder at school and sent home every few weeks for parents to sign and return. Your child will know his/ her average at all times. You can go on Power School and see the grades there. Homework will be on a calendar using their device. There is an option for an agenda book or calendar.


Supplies: composition notebook, loose leaf paper, pencil, markers or colored pencils, expo marker


Attendance: Students have 3 days to make- up work that they have missed from being absent. You can call the school and request work to be sent home to them if they are going to be out for an extended period of time. You will need to pick it up in the front office. Please call early so teachers have time to get it ready.


Late Work: All work must be completed the week/day it is assigned.

Homework Policy:   All homework is expected to be done daily

 Open Up / Online program