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I hope you are ready to explore a whole new approach to theatre.  Although we may be forced to be physically distant, with today's technology, there is no reason we need to be out of touch. I have been learning many new ways of using technology for performance class, and I am excited to explore the possibilities with you.
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Classroom Expectations:

What to expect from this class:

8th Grade will be exploring the theatrical venues of radio and video.  Projects will include script writing, voice and sound manipulation for radio, photography and videography, instructional videos, music videos and commercials, the development of radio and video from the 20th C. to present day.    

7th Grade will be exploring the world of the stage through digital venues.  Projects will include acting techniques, monologue and auditioning, playwriting, storytelling, theatre professionals, theatre critique, the development of theatre from the Renaissance through the 20th C. 

6th Grade will explore performance and improvisational skills of voice, posture and gesture.  Projects will include storytelling, creating characters, scene work, and the origins and development of theatre through the Medieval period.  

 What this class expects from you:
Attendance:   Classes will alternate weekly in Zoom meetings.  You will be expected to attend and participate in a 30 Zoom meeting each day of your class week. Links to your Zoom sessions will be in Google Classroom, email and on the Google Calendar for your class.
On your week away from Zoom classes you will be expected to keep up with rehearsals and projects. 
Zoom Expectations view here.  LINK

Grading:  The majority of your grade will be taken from participation and project work.  

You will be asked to work on your own and with partners on projects.  There will be quizzes on terminology and basic information.  Don't worry, I give the easiest quizzes that I can.  The purpose of the quiz is to communicate to me if you are understanding the information. 

Collaboration:  Theatre is a collaborative art.  There will be some projects that you will work independently.  But many projects will require you to meet up with your partner for rehearsal or project meetings.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have phone and email data to set meeting times.  There will be some time given in breakout sessions of Zoom for you to work together, but this time should be mostly for coordinating project details that you may need my help on. 

Submitting work:  Most work responses will be submitted in Google Classroom by adding a doc, link or downloading an image.  When you attach your work to the assignment in Google Classroom and consider it complete, you must hit the Submit or Turn in button for it to tell me that you are ready for me to grade your work.  Some assignments I may ask you to submit your art, pictures, or videos by way of the Shared Drive for your class.

Contact Me:  If you do not understand or have questions about an assignment.  Please use my email or google voice phone number.  Posting comments in the assignment are not an effective way to communicate in a timely manner.  G-Classroom, does not send me notifications that someone has posted comments.  Email and phone will work best.

 Office Hours 8:15 am - 9:15 am Monday - Friday
Contact me at ellen.wharton@bcsemail.org Google Voice phone (828) 423-0231
If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail so I can return your call as soon as possible.

View classroom rules and procedures here.

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About me:
I am happy to be a part the CCMS team.  I have taught in Buncombe County for 15 years and have always heard of Cane Creek's reputation of creativity and collaboration. My student teaching was at Reynolds High School, then  I taught 6 years at North Buncombe Middle, 5 years at Enka Middle and did semester interim's at Eblen Intermediate, Erwin Middle and Enka Intermediate. To complete my circuit around Buncombe County, I substituted at around the county in the Intermediate through High school levels.  I was raised in Asheville and attended Enka High school.  I received my BA at UNCA in all three track of Theater - acting/directing, technical and general.  I received my MFA from United States International University in San Diego, CA with a concentration on Directing.  
Before coming into the teaching profession, I worked in professional theater as director, actor, stage manager and technician from Atlanta to Maine to Southern California.  I decided to return to the wholesome atmosphere of Asheville to raise my son.  I work weekends at Mission Hospital in Health Information Management where I enjoy listening to books as I work.  I enjoy sharing my passion of theater with young audiences and I look forward to learning from everyone in this community.