Dear student and your adult(s),

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Cane Creek Middle School. I hope you are ready to make this year memorable! You will find that 8th grade is an exciting year with many new responsibilities and challenges. Always remember that HARD WORK PAYS OFF!! I have high expectations for my students, but I know that everyone will be able to rise above and beyond these expectations.

Please, keep this letter throughout the year, as it has important information that you will need.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

I am looking forward to getting to know y'all! ☺


Ms. Liza Webster

Guidelines to Success

  1.  Arrive on time with all materials.

  2.  Follow all directions.

  3.  Stay on task.

  4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  5.  Speak and act kindly towards others.

To guarantee your child’s success, it is essential that we work together to communicate accomplishments and concerns. Please feel free to contact me anytime! There are several ways to contact me:  

1. INTERNET: I check my email daily Also, visit my website, which gives an outline of 8th grade science, for a comprehensive look at our classes.  
2. Call the school at (828)-680-0824 to schedule a conference

In class, we will be answering our essential question: How can I improve my knowledge of science? Throughout each unit, we will investigate, research, and discuss various topics that will help lead us to our goal. 

We will also be participating in activities focused on inquiry, hydrosphere, chemistry, geology, molecular biology, and energy.  This will help all students be successful in our ever-changing global society

Science: The focus for 8th grade is on the continued development of knowledge and skills acquired in the 6th and 7th grade. 8th grade science focuses on traditional laboratory experiences, which provide opportunities to demonstrate how science is constant, historic, probabilistic, and replicable. Students learn how scientific investigations usually involve collections of relevant evidence, the use of logical reasoning, the application of imagination to devise hypotheses, and explanations to make sense of collected evidence. 

Supply list: 

  • 3 ring binder
  • Notebook paper
  • Composition Notebook
  • Pencils


     School is about learning, not simply receiving grades.  I expect a lot from all my students, and I count on you trying your best. Don’t expect me to give you answers: I want to see a roomful of critical thinkers who “think outside the box.”  

     Your grades will be based on the following:


Assessments: 40%

Quizzes: 30%

Classwork 30%


  • You receive a grade-level pass each 9 weeks!
  • It allows you to go to the restroom, your locker, or other emergency 8 times in any core class.

  • You must carry your hall pass with you or you will serve lunch detention if you want to leave the classroom.  


  • Assignments are to be turned in on the assigned due date.

  • Late homework and projects will lose 15 points the 1st day and 10 points each day late after the first day, up to 5 days. 

  • Homework/projects will be accepted no later than 5 days from the due date. After 5 days the assignment will not be accepted for a grade

  • You must turn in late assignments directly to me.  Do not put them on my desk or front table!



  • Please respect yourself and everyone else while you are on campus.

  • Refer to the “Guidelines to Success.”

  • Cell phones are to be left in you locker and turned off.

  • Please refer to the student handbook for school and county policies.


  • There are 5 minutes between classes.  Use the restroom and get supplies from your locker during this time.

  • If you need to use the bathroom or go to your locker during class, you must use your hall pass.  

  • Please do not interrupt instruction to ask to go to the bathroom.  


  • If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask me what work needs to be made up.  Please check the student center to find out missing assignments.

  • For each day of an excused absence, you are allowed five days to complete any make-up work. 

  • Work will not be penalized if turned in within the given time. 

  • This extension does not apply to projects or assignments due on the day of your absence.