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Air Quality WNC

Class Activity:

Additional Activities:

      (Watch 3 short video clips: How Ozone is Formed 0.35 sec; Good Up High 2.31 mins; Particle Pollution 2.05 mins)

  (2 games- Air Game Show, AQI Color)

(2 games: Word Sleuth, Wheezel’s Health Center)

Climate/Weather Games (NASA)

Body Systems:

Arnold's Body Systems: Children's University

Digestion Practice: Children's University

Additional Practice: Children's University

KidsHealth Student selects “movies” or articles – listing of topics appears; student should select area needed for review – view movie or read article;

Hit back arrow, then click “quizzes” and take quiz on this system.  Navigate back to menu with back arrow. Enter z-scaler to play videos. Watch the videos OR read the articles.



Microscope Online (p. 8 in Life Science Notebook)

Cell Gizmo (p. 14 in Life Science Notebook)

Past Due Assignments