Google Classroom & Supplies

Google Classroom:
We will be using Google Classroom throughout the year, both for asynchronous learning days (like snow days or if you're out sick) and face-to-face instruction. I will post the weekly assignments and due dates. Some assignments will be turned in on Classroom, and others will be turned in physically. I will make it very clear which assignments you'll turn in on Classroom and which you will turn in physically.

Students: You will be given the class invite code during the first week of school.

Parents/Guardians: You will have the option to receive updates from Google Classroom. These will include upcoming assignments, due dates, and missing assignments. 
However, PowerSchool is still the best way to keep track of their grades. 

NOTE about grades/PowerSchool:
* Missing assignments are marked with an orange !
* Incomplete assignment are marked with a blue semicircle

ELA Supplies:
spiral notebook (150+ pages)
sturdy folder (to store assignments)
sticky notes (preferably will be left in class to use for various activities)
2+ clear tape (will be left in the class to use for interactive notebook)

If you have any questions, email and ask!