Blocks 3 & 4 -- Assignments

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Theme and Central Idea TEST CORRECTIONS


Thursday 12/19:

Reading Log Side 2

1. Log into NewsELA (through Clever), and read 2 articles. Take the quiz, write your evidence, and answer the question.
2. Read a ​book​, and respond to 2 of the following prompts:

1. If your book was a person, what type of person would it be? Describe its personality.

2. Describe how the protagonist deals with the conflict. Would you react in a similar manner? Explain.

3. Find a significant sentence in your book. Copy it and explain how it contributes to the book.

4. Write a 6-word summary of your book (what you have read so far).

5. Write an acrostic poem about an important aspect of your book. (See the white board for an example.)


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