Blocks 3 & 4 -- Assignments

Current Assignments


Novel Study

Each week, you will have to:

* Read several chapters of Ender's Game
* Complete the reading log
* Be ready for a reading quiz

Due Dates: 

Tuesday 4/30 

Chapters 1-6
Reading Log chapters 1-6

Thursday 5/2
Digital Discussion

Tuesday 5/7 
Chapters 7-9

Reading Log chapters 7-9 

Quiz chapters 7-9

Tuesday 5/14
Chapters 10-12

Reading Log chapters 10-12 

QUIZ - chapters 10-12

Wednesday 5/22
Chapters 13
Reading log

QUIZ - Chapter 13

Wednesday 5/29 
Chapters 14-15

Need to read at home but forgot your book at school? 
Here is the full book, online! 
(It's PDF, which isn't ideal but...)

Want to listen to an audio book as you read? 
Here's a YouTube audio version. 

(This link is just for chapter 1, but all the chapters are listed.)

What something different? Try a Digital Breakout!

Digital Breakouts are logic puzzles that allow you to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

School Daze
Tricky Travel
Show Me the Code
Spring Has Sprung
Get Me Home If You Can!
Ready Player One