Blocks 1 & 2 -- Assignments

Current Assignments

Thursday 9/19:
ABC Me Book Project

This project was assigned on the first day of school, and plenty of class time has been provided. I am excited to see outstanding, thoughtful, and creativity projects!

Wednesday 9/25:
Affix List 1

BLOCK 1: Affix List 1 -- Quizlet

BLOCK 2: Affix List 1 - Quizlet

Tuesday 10/1:

Unit Test - Basic Elements of Literature and Characterization

This test will be 2 fiction passages with 10 multiple-choice questions each. Annotations & evidence will count towards the test grade.

Questions will not simply be defining: Instead they will involve inferencing and critical thinking.
"How does the setting impact the character's mood?"
"What motivates the character to act?"
"What does the action help us infer about the character?"


What something different? Try a Digital Breakout!

Digital Breakouts are logic puzzles that allow you to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

School Daze
Tricky Travel
Show Me the Code
Spring Has Sprung
Get Me Home If You Can!
Ready Player One