In Our Classroom

In Our Classroom:

-In our classroom, we believe in working hard.  
-We believe that we can try.

-We do love and respect.
-We do effort.   
-We believe Cane Creek Middle is home and is where we belong.  

-In our class, we read to learn and read to enjoy.  
-We know that learning and fun together are a powerful tool.  
-We know that our class is our safety net.  It is where we can be just who we are.  
-In our classroom, we know we sell ourselves short if we don't reach high.  
-We know that good manners and respect are the basis for any relationship.

-We know that we have to be flexible problem solvers and mathematicians.  
-We know that somethings are nonsense and
keep us from learning and being our best.
-We know that Mrs. Tatum is our 
biggest cheerleader!!!