Social Studies Syllabus

Ms. Soesbee 7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

2021-2022 School Year 

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This course emphasizes the NC Essential Standards. Our major goal is to help students become better learners and be ready for challenges of the 21st century. We use an integrated approach of 21st century skills to assist students in developing investigative skills and critical thinking skills through exposure to various resources such as primary and secondary sources. This course incorporates diverse learning styles and teaching methods. Students work both independently and in cooperative groups. 

Course Topics: 

Unit 1: Social Studies 101

Unit 2: Renaissance and Reformation 

Unit 3: Age of Exploration and Global Exchange 

Unit 4: Enlightenment and Revolution 

Unit 5: Industrial Revolution and Society’s Response

Unit 6: Age of Imperialism and WWI

Unit 7: Inter War Years and WWII

Unit 8: Cold War

Unit 9: Globalization