2018-2019 Social Studies Syllabus

Ms. Soesbee’s 7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

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This course emphasizes the North Carolina New Essential Standards (2009).  Our major goal is to help students become better learners and be ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We use an integrated approach of 21st century skills to assist students in developing investigative and critical thinking skills through exposure to various resources, primary and secondary sources that cover a wide variety of topics in Contemporary History. Students will improve historical literacy through access of a variety of non-fiction texts.   Students will be exposed to numerous methods for recording their thinking which can be utilized across curricula.  This course incorporates diverse learning styles and teaching methods.  Students work both independently and in cooperative groups.


Course Topics:

Unit 1: Social Studies 101                                                                          Unit 2: Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 3: Age of Exploration and Global Exchange                                   Unit 4: Enlightenment and Revolution

Unit 5: Industrial Revolution and Society’s Response                           Unit 6: Age of Imperialism and WWI

Unit 7: Inter War Years and WWII                                                             Unit 8: Cold War

Unit 9: Globalization


GRADING SCALE                                           Breakdown of Grading:                                  

A    90 -100                         Major grades (45%)              Daily Grades(45%)                                                                                                                                                  *Vocabulary                                                               B    80 - 89                       *Test/formal assessments       * Quizzes/Vocab Quizzes

C    70 - 79                        *Projects                                   * Class work

D    60 - 69                        * Unit Exams/Final Exam        * Specified homework

F    59 – below                                               Cooperative Group Grades (10%)





All students will have access to the online textbook. There will also be one class set of text books in the classroom that students may use if they feel more comfortable with a hard copy, but the books may not leave the classroom. Students may access their online textbooks here:



Vocabulary is a very important part of Social Studies and is one of the key ways that a student will understand and retain the curriculum. At the beginning of every unit the students will receive a Freyer Model packet which they will use to record their definitions and use other practice methods to understand the vocabulary. It is very important that the students complete their vocabulary packets before the unit test. While I expect students to work on this in their own time, they will have class time to work on it if they have completed their work for the day.



Personally, I do not give out regular homework to my students. There may be times that I give a specific assignment that I believe will help them prepare for an upcoming lesson, but the majority of the homework that students may have will be assignments that they did not finish in class. Students should have plenty of time in class to finish their assignments, so it is their responsibility to complete any unfinished work for homework and have it ready to submit at the beginning of class the following day.


Late Assignments

Assignments are due when designated.  If the student chooses not to have the assignment at the designated time, the student will have to make up the assignment.  The assignment will be graded and 10 points will be deducted from the grade for each day it is late.  It is unacceptable not to complete assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all work on time.



To keep up with discipline as well as excellent behavior, I will be using the program named Dojo to motivate students to do well. They will receive points for excellent behavior and have points taken away for misbehavior. The class has a score as a whole and will keep each other accountable. At the end of each week the students will receive a reward if their Dojo score is above a certain percentage.

At the moment I do not have the program set up for parents to keep up with their child’s specific behavior. As we progress through the semester I will work on this and send out an announcement to parents when it is made available.






It is important to be in class daily.  If a student must be absent, it is his/her responsibility to make up assignments missed.  Being absent from school is not an excuse for incomplete work.  When a student returns to school from an absence, they are to check the “What did I miss?” box for information.  This work should be made up as quickly as possible or within 3 days!  Students will get further behind and have “gaps” in their learning if work isn’t made up in a timely manner.



Tardies are not acceptable without a written note from a teacher or principal. Reoccurring tardies will lead to discipline deemed acceptable by myself and administration.


Classroom Rules

-Be on time                                                              -Be respectful                           -Be kind         

-Be prepared mentally and with materials        -Raise your hand                      -Follow directions