Homework Assignments

CVC/Sight words - Students will work via zoom, or in the classroom with cvc word patterns and sight  words.  They  will work using task folder, task cards, as well as interactive activities to  practice these skills.

Vocabulary - Functional vocabulary  will be introduced beginning with foods and community signs.

Reading -  Students will read via zoom using Unique Learning or Epic.  Students are given LLI books to further practice reading while not in  class.

Life Skills - Students will do sorting activies based on colors, silverware, groceries, etc. and will cook each  Friday.

Math - Students are unpacking the Extended Content Standards and will be using Unique, Task Folders, Seesaw activities to teach  them math concepts.

Social Studies - Students are being taught based on the Extended Content Standards.

Science -Students are being taught based on the Extended Content Standards, as well as the Unique Learning program.