Classroom Supply List

Class Supply List 2018-2019


1 24 ct. of no. 2 pencils

1 Box of blue pens

1 Box of black pens


2 containers of sanitzer wipes

2 Cake Box – Carrot, German Chocolate, Devil’s Food Cake, Angel Food Cake, Butter Pecan, (no white or vanilla...we have some)

2 Icing – Cream cheese, Coconut Pecan, Butter Cream, Chocolate, Cookies  (no vanilla or white, we have some)

2 Brownie Box – Milk Chocolate, Turtle, Mississippi Mud, etc.

Girls –  2 dish soap and 2 sponges

Boys – 1 box sandwich bags, 1 aluminum heavy duty foil

**Please check the wish list for drinks, chips, cookies, and crackers that we sell in the classroom to raise money for curriculum and other classroom supplies**  If you would prefer to donate money, I have a Sam's class card to go and get supplies.  Thank you.



**Wish List**



We supply chips and drinks that we sell for our Cool Kids account to help with field trips, etc.   We use money to purchase those items out of the Cool Kids account.  Any help throughout the year would be great.


**Coke on sale – Coke, Diet Coke, Mtn. Dew/Diet Mtn. Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper/Diet Dr. Pepper, Orange, Case of water**  (If Each parent could donate 3 or more 12pks at the beginning of the year…would be great)


**Box of mixed chip bags – Sam's or Wal-Mart (Doritos, Lays, etc)


**Box of cracker packs with cheese/peanut butter


**Box of packaged peanuts


**Box of mixed cookie packs


**Box of Moon Pies


**I get these items from Sams**  We need as many of these donated so we can begin selling at the beginning of the year


**We are also in need of a 1000 6” paper plates, plastic forks (large bulk box), DVD/VHS player, electric pencil sharpener**


**Don't forget to send those box tops**


If you can donate any of the above items in red, please let me know so I do not have duplicates sent in…Thank you.