Grading Policy

Essential Questions and writing assignments will be kept in .the student's binder
The binder should be used to prepare for tests and will be graded several times per semester.
Handouts such as vocabulary words, note guides, video notes, and worksheets will be kept in a 1" - 1.5" 3 ring binder.  As each chapter is finished, the work will be paperclipped to keep it separate from new work.
Missed video assignments will not hurt a student's grade, but the student should still copy the notes from another student in order to have all necessary information for quizzes, tests, or projects.
After an absence, students should get a copy of all missed note guides.  They can get missed notes from another student.  They should ask me if they have any questions.  They must have all notes.   
Different types of assignments are weighted differently.  Sometimes, if you average each assignment, you may come up with a different number.  This is because: 
Daily work will have a weight of 1 grade.
Tests will have a weight of 2 grades.
Quizzes  are smaller than tests and will have a weight of 1 or 2 grades depending on how many days were spent on the topic.
Projects will count up to one grade for each day spent on the project.