CCMS Art Class Overview

  figure drawing
Visual Journals 
Students are to bring their Sketchbooks/Visual Journals with a pen or pencil to class everyday. I encourage students to carry around their own drawing materials/ paints/ a glue stick/ scissors so they can work in their sketchbook throughout the day. 
The best artists have the best sketchbooks because they are practicing, planning and refining ideas while filling up their Visual Journal. 
Students should spend as much time possible working in their sketchbooks / working creatively during the weekdays. Art making at home is encouraged.
Everyone has different Art making set up and varied access to technology at home and students are encouraged to use the tools available. If students are interested in making Stop Motion / Animated videos, manipulating digital images / videos they may share their work with the school by submitting to the our news program the Weekly Creek.
Free Online Resources
Google sketchup - used to create 3-D models
Pencil - used create traditional 2-d Animation
Dafonts -try out fonts/logo design
Gamestar Mechanic - Play video games to win designing rights in order to make your own games.  
Gimp - Free Photo Editor
You Tube -How to videos, search for --- how to make a armature, speed draw, watercolor techniques etc...
Art Club 
Students in 7th and 8th grade interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts will meet during "I" time on Wednesday mornings. 
Students will begin building their portfolios and be assigned additional projects throughout the year. Art Club students need to be on 
sound academic standing in all of their classes in order to participate. Students join by submitting their work for consideration.