Cool Instructional Web 2.0 Tools

Three Tech Ninjas - 
         Great place to find several sites for a particular function.  Example: Select "Cool Tools" and "Blogging" and find three suggested
         (and usually free) websites for students to use for blogs.  Everything from sites to create QR Codes to sites for organizing all of
         those apps. -

            For using youtube video, this site blanks out the surrounding advertising and links.

            Go to this site, type in the youtube video link and you won’t have questionable ads

            appearing around the youtube video as you share it with your students.


Padlet (Wallwisher) -

            Great way for students in your class to share their thinking with others.

            Loretta Wilson at Owen Middle shared a cool idea for using Padlet and other

            similar sites while conducting a Paideia seminar using inside/outside circle.

            Students on the “outside” circle can share their thinking without waiting for the

            Inside circle students to finish.


Linoit –

            Similar to Wallwisher, students can post their thoughts and other students can see

on computers or on the board.  Easy for students to move around to categorize if



Wiffiti -

            Also similar to Wallwisher – students can post their thoughts.  Can also text from

phone.  There is a G-rated filter that might be helpful


Tricider –

Neat website for helping students look objectively at an issue.  Pose a question that

has  different viewpoints – pros and cons - - following research or reading an

article, etc.  Students brainstorm an idea’s pros and cons followed by students

voting to show support  of a position.

EdGames -

                   Learning Game templates for PowerPoint, Excel, Word Games, and Timers

                  From Discovery Education



Edmodo -
            Looks like a Facebook page, but for kids.  Good site to share classroom

            Assignments, homework, links.  Students can "blog" with other students in your

            class (and can get the "zipper mouth" if they say anything inappropriate).  In order

            to use in BCS, parental permission will be needed.  E-mail Jane Houde or Dawn

            Perez for a copy  the permission slip.


Glogster -

Makes posters / collages - Great for presenting a new concept or for use as a

 concept chart


Wordle -

            Shows words/vocabulary in a graphic display – words that appear more often in a

            passage will appear larger and more prominent in the Wordle.  


Top Ten Ways to Use Wordle at School -


Tagxedo -

            Similar to Wordle.  Can put word clouds into given shapes


Quizlet -

            Generates flashcards for learning vocabulary, word roots/affixes, foreign language

            translations, etc.


SurveyMonkey -

            Great way to develop a quick survey which will compile results for analysis


Zoomerang -

            Similar to SurveyMonkey, under “Top 10 Survey Types,” select “School” for a variety

            of templates.


Poll Everywhere -

            Great way to get immediate feedback from students for formative assessments of

            prior knowledge or as an exit ticket.  Creates a graph so students can view results



Flisti -

            Similar to Poll Everywhere.  Can post results on Facebook - Ideas Worth Spreading –

            Technology, Entertainment, Design – Search for short “talks” on a given topic or

            theme.  Use for Pre-instruction to build background and engage discussion or use

as post-instruction to culminate a unit or study of a given theme.


VoiceThread -

            Very user-friendly way for students to develop their own video


Thanks to Kendra Cameron-Jarvis for sharing the following sites


Awesome Highlighter –

            Highlight text on web page or document – Use to show students what is important

            on a  particular website or in an article.


Scribble Maps – Google - 

            Teacher and students can draw on maps to determine various locations and routes.

            Great for geography, history, current events, literature . . .


Screenr - 

            Students can create online screencasts and add audio


Wevideo -

Create videos and save to Google cloud


Aviary Audio Editor - 

            Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips.  Apply sound effects and record

            your own voice or instruments.


Dvolver moviemaker - 

            Makes digital movies online


Bubble Ply - 

            Create a customized video


ProProfs Flashcards - 

            Create online flashcards and access anywhere


Podomatic -

            Search podcasts by theme or subject to download for free


Google Advanced Search -

Refine your searches


Docs Demo -

            Kendra Jarvis showed me this site and it really has to be seen to appreciate!  You

            start typing a story in a google doc and a famous dead author, like Edar Allen Poe or

Shakespeare will collaborate with you.  Really is cool!  We were thinking it might be

cool to use in your classroom to illustrate mood and tone.