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This is a free website that will allow you to make flash cards with your vocabulary. You create an account and you can add new words as you get them.  It has an audio switch that will allow the words and definitions you enter to be read aloud to you.  It also will allow you to play games with the vocabulary and take a quiz/test for practice.  The free app can be added to your computer, IPHONE, IPAD, or Android devices.


Interactive games and quizzes to help review information.  FREE to Mrs. King's students.  

Click on web link that opens up King's saved activities for review.  Click on an activity and enter the guest password student received in class.  Play the games and take the quizzes.  The more you practice, the better you will remember the facts. 

Body Systems - Interactive Websites

All systems

Digestive System

Muscular System


Student selects “movies” – listing of movies appears; student should select area needed for review – view movie;

Hit back arrow, then click “quizzes” and take quiz on this system.  Navigate back to menu with back arrow

Kid's Health

Works Cited using NCWiseOwl

Go to the Cane Creek Middle School website.  Click on Quick Links and NCWiseOwl. Click on Citation Maker.  Enter 2 in the requested number box. Select the type/source of information from the tabs on the right.  Fill in the requested information about the source you used (if you don't know the information, leave it blank).  When finished, click the left tab at the bottom "Create Citation" and it will show your citation.  You can enter another citation following the process.  When you've entered all sources, click to save as a word document or in google drive.  Print out your page of "Works Cited" and attach to your project.

7th grade science book information:

Allen, Katy Z., et al. North Carolina Grade 7 Holt Science and Technology. Orlando: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2005. Print.


 Air Quality: Word Sleuth and Wheezel's Health Center
Air Quality - Air Game Show, AQI Color Game
Air Quality - Short Videos, Smog Game