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Interactive games and quizzes to help review information.  FREE to Mrs. King's students.  

Click on web link that opens up King's saved activities for review.  Click on an activity and enter the guest password student received in class.  Play the games and take the quizzes.  The more you practice, the better you will remember the facts. 

Health-Related Professions Project - helpful websites

CCMS Website
Hover over Media Center tab
Select NcWisowl
Select Explora Middle School
Search topic




Use the following website to create citations for your WORK CITED (bibliography) slide.  Remember, you must give credit to the website from which you collected information/facts/pictures.  You are required to have at least 3 different website entries for information/facts!

-Highlight the website url from which you are getting notes
    - Control C
-Open a new tab to bibme.org
-Click box: I only want to create a citation
-Choose a Citation Style - click: MLA
-In blue highlighted bar, click: Website
-Find a website by url, click in this box: Control V (the website you copied) and click Search website (in orange box)
-Click: Select (in orange box)
-Click: Final Step (in orange box)
-Click: Create Citation (in orange box)
-Underneath the Try It Now Box (still in color) - Highlight the entire created citation, control C
-Go back to the open Work Cited slide for your project: click in box on slide and Control V.  
Now you have the citation - credit given to where you got your information. 
You must do this procedure for each website you use to get information and/or pictures. 


This is a free website that will allow you to make flash cards with your vocabulary. You create an account and you can add new words as you get them.  It has an audio switch that will allow the words and definitions you enter to be read aloud to you.  It also will allow you to play games with the vocabulary and take a quiz/test for practice.  The free app can be added to your computer, IPHONE, IPAD, or Android devices.

Body Systems - Interactive Websites

All systems

Digestive System

Muscular System


Student selects “movies” – listing of movies appears; student should select area needed for review – view movie;

Hit back arrow, then click “quizzes” and take quiz on this system.  Navigate back to menu with back arrow

Kid's Health

 Air Quality: Word Sleuth and Wheezel's Health Center
Air Quality - Air Game Show, AQI Color Game
Air Quality - Short Videos, Smog Game