2019-2020 HOMEWORK

Students have homework Monday - Thursday nights.  Homework is a review of materials studied in class.  Students should use their notes/notebooks to help in completing homework.  Homework is listed by the date assigned and is due the next day unless stated.   There is a chart that shows upcoming assignment due dates to help in student planning.

CURRENT HOMEWORK:  9/23 - 9/27/19



due next day unless otherwise stated

 Monday, 9/23

Flashcards #23-25

Voc Quiz #3 (21-29 plus review) - Wed., 9/25
Atmosphere Unit Test - Thurs., 9/26

 Tuesday, 9/24

Voc Quiz #3 (21-29 plus review) STUDY

 Wednesday, 9/25

Atmosphere Unit TEST - STUDY (use study guide on pages 33-36)

 Thursday, 9/26


Notebooks due MONDAY - use notebook self-check

MONTREAT tomorrow - Chambers, Hannah, Soesbee, Webster Homerooms

 Friday, 9/27

Enjoy Weekend!

Notebooks due MONDAY (major grade)



Notebooks due for a major grade - make sure you have an up-to-date table of contents, all EQ answered, titles at tip top of each page, date in upper RIGHT margin on each page, all pages complete