2/24  None
2/25  Tape Diagrams Back of Classwork
2/26 Hanger Models Back of Classwork
2/27 Balance Sheet

2/17 Distributive Property Front

2/18 Simplifying Expressions Front

2/19 Simplifying  Expressions Back
        Quiz tomorrow
        Early Release 
2/20 Tape Diagrams and Equations
        Quiz on Distributive Property and Simplifying Expressions

2/10 Review for tomorrow's quiz on Linear Relationships

2/11 Area Model: Distributive Property

2/12 Algebra Tiles: Distributive Property

2/13 Skill: Distributive Property

1/27 Front of Test Review

1/28 Back of Test Review
        Probability Test Tomorrow

1/29 No Homework/Probability Test

1/30 Review Sheet

 1/20 No school

1/21 No Homework

1/22 Back of Classwork Compound Events

1/23 Quiz Review.....Quiz on Probability tomorrow

1/13 Experimental and Theoretical Probability - Back of Classwork

1/14 Additional Practice - Back of Classwork

1/15 Fundamental Counting Principal - Back of Classwork

1/16 Independent and Dependent Events - Back of Classwork
        Quiz on Probability Tomorrow
        Early Release Tomorrow

12/9 Front of Test Review

12/10 Back of Test Review
         Test tomorrow on Percents

12/11 Test
          No Homework

12/12  Survey Samples           

 12/2 Percent Proportion Sheet

12/3 Percent Change Sheet

12/4 Percent Practice

12/5 Quiz on Proportional Percents
        Simple Interest Sheet

11/25 Review for tomorrow's Quiz on Tax/Tip/Discount

11/26 Quiz        Happy Thanksgiving. See you next Monday

11/18  Back of Classwork Sheet

11/19 Word Problems Sheet Frt/Back 
          Quiz tomorrow on Area and Circumference of Circles

11/20 Math Doku

11/21 Percents Sheet

11/12  Additional Practice: Circumference Even Front and Back

11/13  Additional Practice: Circumference Odd Front and Back

11/14  Area of Circles Sheet

11/4  Review for tomorrow's Test on Proportional Relationships

11/5 None

11/6 None
        ELA Check - In

11/7 None
        Math Check-In

11/8 No school on Monday

10/28 Proportional Relationships and Equations

10/29 Proportional Relationships and Equations

10/30  Quiz Review on Proportional Relationships in Tables and Equations

10/31 No Homework
          Quiz tomorrow on  Proportional Relationships in Tables and Equations

10/14 First Block none
            Second Block Front of Skill: Solving Proportions Sheet
            Third Block 1-10 on Skill: Solving Proportions Sheet
            Fourth Block All of Skill: Solving Proportions Sheet
        Quiz tomorrow on Ratios and Unit Rate

10/15 Finish Solving Proportions Sheet from yesterday

10/16 Proportional Reasoning Sheet

10/17 Early Release
           Proportional Practice