4/22 Triangle and Quadrilateral Area and Perimeter Review
4/23 Skill Area Review Sheet

4/24 Plane Figures Sheet

4/25 Complex Area

 4/8 Triangle Inequality Practice

4/9 Triangles and Quadrilaterals

4/10 Polygons

4/11 Review for tomorrow's quiz on Polygons

3/1 Santa Claus Sheet: Angles

3/2 Angle Relationships

3/3 Angles and Equations 2

3/4 B1 B2 Angle Relationships 3   B3 B4 Review for Angles Quiz
                  Quiz on Angles tomorrow

3/25 Translating Inequalities and Review

3/26 Inequalities

3/27 Early Release
          Inequalities Practice

3/28 Inequalities Review for tomorrow's quiz

3/29 Quiz on Inequalities 

3/18 Quiz on Equations
          Review for Thursday's Algebra Test

3/19 First Sheet of Review Packet for Test

3/20 Second Sheet of Review Packet for Test

3/21 Test on Algebra (Expressions, Equations, Distributive Property, Graphs/Equations/Tables)
          Multi-step Equations