Class Syllabus

              Syllabus: 7th Grade Mathematicsdog chewing


                             Welcome Mathematicians!

CONTACT INFORMATION: School Phone 628-0824    Email:

CLASS WEBSITE: My website will share: seventh grade math standards and learning targets, daily homework and links to other websites for math practice.

1. Go to   2. Click on Staff     3. Click on Hannah, Bonni


Respect                                                      Responsibility

Follow directions the first time given                                 Be on time with all materials needed

Treat others as you would like to be treated                      Be on task

Use a calm voice and appropriate body language                 Give your best effort and make good choices


Consequences (in no specific order) for poor decision making: warning, moving seating assignment, teacher-student conference, after-school detention, parental contact, teacher-parent-student conference, minor incident report, major referral.


***Severe Infraction: Immediate Major Referral


1. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) Bracelet for superior one-time performance or behavior

2. Tickets given randomly (for weekly reward drawing) for insightful answers, being prepared, or improvement

3. Class rewards for good behavior, working together and good group work

Cell Phones: All phones need to be off and in the student’s locker. 1st offense: student gets device back at the end of class (minor referral) 2nd offense: student gets device back from administrator at the end of the day & parent is notified (minor referral) 3rd offense: a parent must pick up at the office at the end of the day or at the first available time they can come by the school to get it (major referral) 4th offense: student loses privilege of having device during school hours (major referral). 

Tardies to Class: 3 times (e-mail home & minor),4th time (ISS lunch & minor),5th time (ISS lunch & minor), 6th time (ISS lunch & minor) 7th time (major)


100-page sewn seam or spiral composition book
One inch three ring notebook with notebook paper 
Pencil pouch with pencils
expo dry erase markers (to be turned in for class use) 
One Disposable tape dispenser for class use

 MATERIALS NEEDED IF YOU ARE IN MY HOMEROOM:    2 Boxes of tissues  and hand sanitizer or hand soap 

WISH LIST:  Tape Dispensers  or Expo Dry erase markers

GRADING SCALE AND POLICY:  Cane Creek Middle School is on a 10-point grading scale.

  Final nine week grades will be weighted as follows:

                   Tests- 40%            Quizzes- 35%          Homework- 10%        Classwork- 15%  

PROBLEMS OF THE DAY (POD’s): Class will begin with problems on the board. These are to be done at the start of class and will be completed and kept in a composition book. The POD notebook will be checked twice each nine weeks for completion. This will be averaged in the classwork portion of their grade. 


TESTS AND QUIZZES:   Quizzes will be given approximately once a week to check for understanding of material covered. Tests will be given at the end of each unit as an assessment of proficiency/mastery. 


CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK:  Mathematics is a subject that builds upon previously learned skills. Classwork and homework are ESSENTIAL for a student to be successful. Homework will be given Monday – Thursday and will be checked for completion at the beginning of every class. Every student starts with a homework grade of 100. Five points are deducted from the homework grade every time a student fails to COMPLETE the assignment. Homework assignments should be neat, legible, and be done to the best of a student’s ability. PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK! Some assignments will be taken up for an individual daily grade.  Each student receives two homework grades per nine weeks, one before midterm and one prior to report cards. Students will also have classwork daily. This work will be done individually, in partners, or in groups.  


PARENT PORTAL: Log onto Cane Creek Website and set up an account with HomeBase.  Here you, or your student, can check on their grades at any time. I enter grades every week to week and ½. 

MIDTERMS: My homework site will announce when midterms go home. Please sign and return to the homeroom teacher.. 

MAKE-UP WORK: It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed assignments due to absence. Check my class website for homework assignments. I have a “Make-up Station” where students can pick up any assignments that were given during their absence. They will need to copy any class notes, from a neighbor, into their notebook. If a student is absent more than one day, it is a good idea to contact the front office for assignments and come by the school to pick up work. Please send an e-mail by 1:00, and I can have the work for them that afternoon by 3:20.


EXTRA HELP: If you are struggling to keep up, please let me know!  I can help students before school except when I have morning duty . Please ask me for a note to show to the gym supervisors so that you are allowed to come to my classroom at 7:05.  I can also help after school with prior arrangements.

LOCKERS AND BATHROOMS:  Students have 5 minutes between classes. They should use the bathroom and visit lockers during this time. Students have 3 “sign-outs” to the locker/bathroom per nine weeks, so these should be used for emergencies only.