Class Policy

Grading Policy

 I know that grades are important to each and every child’s future and pledge to be as fair and accurate as humanly possible in determining each student’s grades.


          Classwork                               15% 

          Homework:                             10%

          Quizzes:                                 35%

          Tests:                                    40%


My grading policies include grades on both effort and mastery. Students who try and complete the required work should have no difficulty passing my class. All assessments will be recorded before they are returned to the student.

Homework Policy

Practice beyond the classroom is an important aspect in the education of each student. It reinforces what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, expands learning, teaches responsibility, reviews previously learned material, and helps students acquire positive study habits. Please complete your homework neatly and turn it in on time. 

Students will have math homework most nights, except for Friday. Time may be allotted in class to begin the assignment. It is expected that the student will complete the assignment prior to the beginning of the next class. 


Make-Up Work

It is essential that students get and complete their make-up work as quickly as possible so that they do not get behind.  They should get their assignments  from the MAKE-UP STATION (in my classroom) upon their return. An even better option would be to ask for work before they are absent if they are aware they will not be in class.  Students should make an appointment on the Make-up Station Calendar in order to make up a quiz or a test, or get extra help. I offer help before or after school or during Eye Time.  All make-up work should be completed within three days.

 Students who go home early or who come in late need to see me to get make-up work before going home.



Classroom Expectations
I am committed to creating a positive environment where every student can learn, and I can teach without undue interruption.     

 Respect                                                                                   Responsibility                                                            

Follow directions the first time given                                  Be on time with all materials needed

Treat others as you would like to be treated                       Be on task

Use a calm voice and appropriate body language                   Give your best effort and make good choices


CELL PHONES: If a phone is out (unless needed for an activity) they will be taken to the office for a parent to pick up. NO EXCEPTIONS.



1.     Warning

2.      Student/Teacher Conference

3.      Parental Contact AND lunch detention, or minor incident report to office

4.      Major Referral (In School Suspension) and/or Parent Conference

** Severe Infraction: Immediate Major Referral