Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences Education Syllabus

Cane Creek Middle School

Mrs. Gosnell


Hello parents and students!  I hope you all have had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to a great start for the 2013-2014 school year!  It is important to inform you about the new changes we have had to our course.  First, we have had a “name change.”  We were formerly known as “Life Skills” and now our course will be called “Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences Education.”  In addition to the name change, our course will now include a county wide “pretest” and “post-test” that will measure what each student will learn over the semester.  This year the main emphasis will be on Nutrition and Wellness for 8th graders and Interpersonal Relations and Childcare for 7th grade.

 Throughout this semester, students will participate in food labs, work on projects, and use online resources such as “My Plate” to learn successful wellness practices and principles in food preparation.   Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, and volunteer opportunities!  I am really excited about this school year and look forward to working with you and teaching your child!

OTHER LEARNING RESOURCES:  Media material supplements (magazines, books, video tapes, DVDs, computer programs, the Internet, Power Point, etc.), guest speakers, demonstrations, lab materials, service learning, FCCLA activities and competitive event projects.


  • Composition Book to house notes, journal entries, daily work, and test questions information

  • Pens/Pencils

  • Lab specific materials (as directed)

  • Calculator (used on occasion)



BE RESPECTFUL.  Refrain from talking while the teacher is speaking, and follow the teacher’s directions immediately.  Use polite speech and body language.  Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is unacceptable.  All persons in the classroom are to be treated with respect and no words or actions intended to cause anyone harm will be allowed.  Respecting others includes respecting their property.  **There will be a zero tolerance approach to disrespect in this class.  ALL students have the right to learn in an environment free from distractions caused by others.  Students who cause distractions in class and disrupt the learning environment will be referred to the administration.

BE ON TIME.  Come to class on time and ready to learn.  Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will result in a tardy.

BE PREPARED.  Bring required materials every day unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  Textbooks will stay in the room unless checked out to complete missing assignments at home.  Bring needed assignments, notebooks, pencils/pens, notebook paper, and course specific supplies identified by the teacher throughout the semester as needed.  

  • Attend to personal matters prior to class.  This includes visiting the restroom, making phone calls, grooming, writing notes, etc.  If you are sick and need to use the office phone to call home, seek the teacher’s permission.  Otherwise, you will be expected to wait until the dismissal bell rings to use the phone for any other reason.

  • Electronic Devices:  Electronic devices will NOT be permitted in class unless directed by teacher for educational purposes.

If you choose to abuse this policy, you will be required to keep your device within the teacher’s possession for the remainder of the class period.  If you do not wish for your electronic device to be confiscated for the class period, please keep it turned off and out of sight unless permitted by the teacher.

  • Sit in your assigned seat daily.

  • Keep ALL work areas neat.

  • All school rules apply in the classroom/lab.

  • The teacher dismisses you.  Remain in your seat until dismissed.

LAB RULES:  Course specific lab rules will be discussed at a later date.  A safety agreement with parental consent and a grade of 100 on a safety test is required to participate in labs.

CONSEQUENCES:  If you fail to follow the classroom or school policies, procedures for dealing with inappropriate behavior will be followed from the CCMS student handbook.


  • When group work or projects are assigned during class, the voice level should be kept to a minimum. If members of a group become disruptive or get off task, their daily work grade will reflect their improper behavior.

  • When group work and projects are assigned it is important that every group member participates. Group members should contribute as equally as possible to the group assignment.  

GRADES:  You will be graded on the total number of points earned during the 9-week term.  Assignments will be weighted differently depending on the expected time it takes to complete them and how challenging they are.  For instance, tests and projects will be worth more points than in-class assignments and participation grades.  To calculate your grade, total the number of points you earned, divide by the total number of points possible, and multiply by 100.  Use the attached score sheets to keep track of your running score throughout the semester.  

The grading scale is as follows:

A 90 TO 100                            B 80 TO 89                C 70 TO 79

D   60 TO 69                            F 0 TO 59


Homework will not be assigned regularly in this class.  However, there will be some occasions that you will be expected to complete work at home.  This could be the case if you are completing missing assignments due to absences, completing special projects, or do not use classroom time wisely to complete assignments during class.


Students are expected to follow the attendance policy and procedures, make-up work, and tardy policies as outlined in the CCMS student handbook.  Daily assignments and copies of worksheets will be compiled by a class secretary in a course specific classroom notebook.  The classroom notebook will be located on the red table adjacent to the teacher’s desk.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain missed assignments for days you are absent.  Upon your return to school, check the “Class Assignments & Make-Up Work” notebook for the appropriate course to obtain assignments that you missed.  You will be given TWO DAYS FOR EACH DAY ABSENT to submit make up work.  For example, if you are absent for two consecutive days, you will be given four days to complete make-up work.  Please note that if you are absent on the due date of a presentation you will be expected to present on the day you return to class.  If you are absent on a lab day, obtain the lab recipe from the notebook, copy the recipe by hand, and submit it for credit. Place completed assignments in the appropriate period basket by the teacher’s desk.  Please make every effort to submit missing assignments in a timely manner.  If a student has been in attendance every day during the assignment, he/she is expected to turn in work on the due date.  A grade of zero will be recorded for assignments that are not turned in on time.  


Communication will be conducted in several different ways: letters to parents, phone calls to parents emails to parents, and texts to parents. 
 *In compliance with Federal Law, Buncombe County Schools administers all education programs including its Career and Technical Education Programs, employment, activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.