Mr. Fulkerson's Homework

Mr. Fulkerson's Math Classwork and Homework: 

Monday, 12-3: POD 65
                           Fundamental Counting Principle
                           HW: F.C.P. sheet
Tuesday, 12-4:  POD 66
                            Probability Task Cards
                            Quiz: Probability
                            HW: Skill: Exp. and Theo. Prob.

Wednesday, 12-5:  POD 67
                                  What's in the bag?
                                  HW: Ind. vs Dep. Events   
Thursday, 12-6: POD 68
                             Probability Jeopardy
                             HW: Simple and Compound Events

Friday, 12-7: POD 69
                       Probability Task Cards
                       HW: None

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