Class Syllabus


Mr. Fulkerson’s 7th grade Math Syllabus  

Grading Policy:

Grading will be weighted as follows:

      Tests- 35%        Quizzes- 35%         Participation: 30%                  


Tests will be given in math at the end of each unit and will focus on the topics covered in that unit.  

***ReTests will be offered upon request.  The higher score between the original Test and the ReTest will be kept.


Math will have about one quiz per week. 

***ReQuizzes will not be offered.


Students are expected to be in all synchronous class Zoom meetings on time, with the camera on and the microphone muted.  Please contact me if you have any issues attending.  Daily assignments are expected to be completed and turned in by 8:00 am the following day.  Late assignments will only be accepted up until 8:00 am the following Monday.  Please contact me if a situation arises in which you will not be able to complete the assignment.  Students that either miss the synchronous class Zoom meeting or do not complete the daily assignment will be counted absent for the day. 


Fulkerson Class Website: 

1)      Go to Cane Creek Middle School Website

2)      Click on Staff

3)      Click on Fulkerson

 ***Please contact me with any questions or concerns: