Class Syllabus

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Mr. Fulkerson’s 7th grade Math Syllabus

Classroom Expectations:



  • Follow adult directions the first time
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Be honest
  • Use a calm voice and appropriate body language
  • Value property of others


  • Have all materials needed for class
  • Be on time
  • Be on task
  • Give your best effort and make good choices
  • Keep track of your belongings


Consequences for breaking any of the classroom expectations will follow the steps listed below.

Step 1:  Warning

Step 2:  Teacher Conference/Minor Referral

Step 3:  Parent Conference

Step 4:  Major Referral

***Severe Infraction:  Immediate Major Referral


Grading Policy:

Grading will be weighted as follows:

      Tests- 40%        Quizzes- 35%         Class work- 15%      Homework- 10%                 


Problems of the Day (POD’s):

Math class will begin with math problems on the board.  These are to be done at the start of class and will be completed and kept in a spiral notebook.  The problems will be assessed by overall attempt and completion. Students are expected to begin these problems on their own as soon as they arrive in class.  POD’s will be averaged in with the class work grade.



Tests will be given in math at the end of each unit and will focus on the topics covered in that unit.  

***ReTests will be offered to any student that scores below a 70%.  The maximum reassessment score is 70%.



Math will have about one quiz per week.


Class work:

Students will have class work assignments each day.  Some class work will be done individually, some with a partner, and some with a group.  Behavior during class work time will affect your class work grade.


Homework will be checked at the beginning of math class each day.  Students will usually be given some time at the end of class to start on the night’s homework.  Any homework that is not completed by the end of class is the student’s responsibility to complete before the next math class.  Each student receives 2 homework grades per 9 week grading period: one prior to midterm reports and one prior to report cards.  Every student begins with a homework grade of 100.  5 points are deducted from their homework grade every time a student fails to complete a homework assignment.  Homework assignments should be neat, legible, have work shown, and done to the best of their ability.  Some specified homework assignments will be collected for individual daily grades.


Class work:

Students will have class work assignments each day.  Some class work will be done individually, some with a partner, and some with a group.  Behavior during class work time will affect your class work grade.



Students are expected to be awake, functional, and participate in class.  Poor participation and lack of effort will be reflected in the final grade.  Classroom behavior will also affect your class work grade.


Make-up work:

It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make-up work due to absences.  The work is due the day after the student returns to class.  Special circumstances will be taken into consideration.


Fulkerson Class Website:

This website lists the class work and homework assignments for the current week.  Absent students should check the site for what they missed in class.  Also, this is a good way for parents to see what is going on in class and what homework their child should have completed.

1)      Go to Cane Creek Middle School Website

2)      Click on Staff

3)      Click on Fulkerson


Additional Help:

Please let me know if you are struggling to keep up.  I will work out a time to give additional help.


Hall Passes:

Class time is very important and students are expected to be present in class as much as possible.  Hall passes will only be given in urgent situations.  Restroom and locker trips are to be made in between classes.



Students are expected to have their spiral notebook, 3-ring binder, loose leaf notebook paper, and pencil pouch with pencils and expo dry-erase markers.  Calculators will be provided for students in class.  A calculator for home usage is recommended, but not required.  The TI 30X II S calculator is sufficient and costs around $10.


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