TEAM of:Ensley
   Week of  May 21-25, 2018
      Students are encouraged to focus and review their vocabulary cards and content cards during 2nd semester. Students should continue reviewing their learning target questions and essential questions in each lesson.  This will help ensure student success on the Chapter 8 Assessment.  This week our focus will be to complete Chapter 8 Lessons 1-4.  We plan to have Chapter 8 Assessment on Tuesday, May 29. This assessment will include vocabulary and content questions.  Students need to also spend time on their computer studying the Financial Literacy Modules that we will assess before the End of Course.  Students have been provided a link to easily reach these important modules.  We will continue to focus on academic team building with their table pod supporting the success of all their table team members. 
*****Students have been invited to consider an Extra Credit Learning Opportunity.  Students may work with one or two other students to present a special historical topic to the class in a format that would be comparable to a TV news program.  Again, this is an optional activity.******
      Students showing significant accomplishment on chapter assessments will have an opportunity to contribute their name to the prize basket.   When my students make an "80-89 they add their name one time.  When they score "90-94" they add their name twice to the prize basket. When they make a "95-100", they will add their name to the prize basket three times.  When a name is drawn from the basket, the student may select one of several stuffed animals available at that time. Students are encouraged to work very hard on their chapter assessments.  Successful completion on chapter assessments will provide an opportunity to add their name to the prize basket multiple times.
       I have the most outstanding students.  They are a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for your continued support of our classroom.

Week of May 21-25, 2018
      Students should continue to work in class with our literature selections and assessments.  We are reading our Novel "The Giver".  Assigned readings are given in class with discussion seminars to assist with understanding of the text . Students should continue to practice and review the vocabulary word list that is given out during the week.  The vocabulary assessment will be given after students have had adequate time to prepare. Our vocabulary lesson this week is Lesson 23 "History".  Assessment will be Friday, May 25, 2018.
      Students are also encouraged to read 30 minutes per night with their self selected reading book.
Social Studies activities will be completed in class most of the time.