Late Work Policy

It is the responsibility of the student to be prepared each day. When an unexpected illness or family emergency arrives, make-up work is also the student’s responsibility. The submission of late or make-up work will be handled according to the individual’s circumstances.


Mr. Ensley- Social Studies

Grading System

Assessment of the student’s progress will be acquired form homework, vocabulary tests, chapter assessments, classroom activities, and participation. Grades will be averaged from the total number of grades taken. Each student will be expected to work in a collaborative learning environment with their classmates. Various means of assessment will be used to measure the level of participation. All assignments should be kept in the student’s notebook. Your child should be reminded to write daily in his/her assignment agenda.


  • Daily classwork, homework, and class participation will be scored equally for the nine weeks. (1 value per entry)

  • Chapter tests and special projects will be scored with twice the value. (times 2 per entry)

  • Daily participation and individual/group activities will be considered formative assessments.

 Special Note:  Any student receiving a grade of less than "57" will receive a grade of "57" in Power School for that assignment.  This should allow and encourage a student to recover from a low grade and not feel that they can not improve their average.  If you see a "57" entered, please recognize this as an adjusted grade to help your child improve and move forward.


Social Studies Activities

Most social studies activities are completed in class, sometimes in a group/partnership and sometimes independently.  Please encourage your child to give their best effort at all times.