Practice Reports
Practice reports will be graded each Tuesday for 6th grade students. No Practice reports will be accepted late. Please note: When your child has an illness or activity that prohibits them from practicing such as a trip/ vacation please write that down on your child's sheet and they will be excused from that day(s).  Students will be graded as follows:
150+ minutes a week = A
120+ minutes a week = B
90+ minutes a week = C
60+ minutes a week = D
30 + minutes a week = F
(no report turned in = 0)
7th and 8th Grade students are to practice 120 minutes per week. Practice reports for 7th and 8th graders are only collected once the week before midterms and once the week before the end of the last day of the nine week grading period. Once 7th grade students reach the black belt level and once 8th grade students reach the black belt 7th degree level they will not have to turn in practice reports. 
120+ minutes a week = A
90+ minutes a week = B
60+ minutes a week = C
30+ minutes a week = D
30 -  minutes a week = F
(no report turned in = 0)
 *A portion of any practice time (not to exceed 1/2 of required time) may be used by the student for online training of music reading skills and aural skill (rhythm and melody training).  Parents must sign off indicating this is correct and true! It is always better to practice in many short segments than a couple of long cram sessions. The time period graded each week is from Monday to Sunday and will be recorded on Tuesdays or at my earliest convenience.

6th grade Practice Report:
6th grade practice report.pdf

7th&8th grade Practice Reports
7th and 8th grade practice reports.pdf

Checklist for Practicing:
checklist for the back of practice reports.pdf