Jazz Band Auditions

Jazz Band

Interested students need to see Mr. Dodson for a copy of the audition piece or print it out (They are listed below). Students should practice  A, B1, B2, B 3  & C (optional). There is no sight reading. 

Alto Saxophone Audition.pdf  (& Baritone Saxophone)  

Tenor Saxophone Audition.pdf

Trumpet Audition.pdf

Trombone Audition.pdf

Piano Audition.pdf

Bass Audition.pdf

Guitar Audition.pdf

Drum Audition.pdf

Vibe Audition.pdf

Students should submit by video recording samples A-C by the deadline listed on the ccms band calendar. 

Class Code: eltti5y

 Below is the Jamming with Charlie accompaniment that should be used for your improvisation (C). Wait for the tenor sax soloist to finish then, begin your own improvisation.  At the beginning of the recording it asks you to listen, play the written solo then try improving. Do not worry about playing the written solo as you do not have it.  Begin your improv immediately following the tenor sax solo.