Jazz Band Audition FAQ

Jazzy Answers to FAQ:  
Q: What experience is needed to audition for jazz band at CCMS?
A: Typically 7th & 8th grade band students at ccms who have had one or more years experience on their instrument. 6th grade students are eligible if they have been playing their instrument all through 5th grade, taking private lessons etc. 
Q: What positions are available? What instruments do you take? 
A: CCMS uses a traditional style big band for jazz band. Positions available: 
2T sax
1 Bsax
6 trumpets
6 trombones
2 drum set 
1 vibraphone  
2 piano
1 electric bass
1 guitar
If these positions are not filled, other instruments can/will be added to supplement the band. If you are interested in jazz band but do not play one of these instruments, see Mr. Dodson.
Q: How do students audition?
A: Jazz Band Auditions for Cane Creek are now open. Students may find information on how to audition here: 
I would like video or audio submissions for the audition by Tuesday after Labor Day. These should be uploaded to google classroom (directions on the audition page). If you have trouble with google classroom you may simply share the video by email link, etc. to cw.dodson@bcsemail.org. For students who prefer a live audition, they can stay after school on Tuesday September 3rd, and audition. 
Q: When will jazz band rehearse this year? 
A: Jazz band will rehearse before or after school this year. There is no club time in the fall this year. In the spring we will also practice in club time. Once the group has been selected, we will try to find the best time for everyone to practice.
I would really like the rehearsal schedule not to dictate the talent auditioning. In other words, I would really like for the best musicians to audition and then find the best schedule that works for them all. If your child wants to audition but is worried about the schedule, have them go ahead and try out. Worst case scenario they drop out later and I fill the spot. 
Q: Are there any extensions to the deadline for auditions: 
A: If you are having technical difficulties you can come and work something out with me.
Q: What type of commitment is involved? 
A: Students will need to practice their jazz band music at home. Performances will vary each semester but typically they perform at 3 concerts each year.They will also perform out in the community a couple of times Sometimes they participate in Jazz MPA which is typically a Friday or Saturday in May as well as an end of the year social function (this has been at Wild Wing Cafe the last 2 years).