First Day of School FAQ

Welcome Cane Creek Band Members!

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and important information for the first day.


  1. Do I need my instrument the first day of school?

    Answer: NO. You will need to bring your instrument the second day of school (Tuesday).

  2. I signed up for band but do not have an instrument. Do I need to purchase or rent?

    Answer: Unless you have worked out special arrangements with Mr. Dodson you will need to provide your own instrument. Please contact Music & Arts, 299-3000 (River Ridge shopping center) to rent or purchase instruments and band books.

  3. Do I need to buy my own book for 6th grade band class?

    Answer: Unfortunately, YES. Buncombe County Schools does not provide instructional band books for any band program. Please call the music center 299-3000 or shop on Amazon. The band book we use at CCMS is Essential Elements 2000 Book 1. Please be sure to specify which instrument you are purchasing for since fingering charts, clefs, etc. are different for each level. Here is a picture of the French Horn book level 1.



  4. Where does my instrument go during the day?

    Answer: Students are sent to the gym or track in the mornings when they arrive. At 7:30 band and string students are dismissed to put their instruments up. Band students will walk through the gym lobby and out the sidewalk in front of the school. They will walk all the across the front of the school and enter the fine arts entrance. They will come in the first door on the left to the band room, walk behind the percussion section and enter the instrument storage room. On the first day that students bring their instruments Mr. Dodson will be there to tell everyone where to put their instruments if they have not been assigned a cubby or locker yet.

  5. I am a beginner.... how do I put my instrument together?


  7. I am in 7th or 8th grade band do I need a new book?

Answer:  YES. (be sure to buy the book for the instrument you play. Purchase from amazon or go to the store Music & Arts and buy!)

7th grade will use Essential Elements 2000 Book 2


8th grade will use Essential Technique 2000 Book 3