CCMS Band Handbook


The following items are materials that are required for class every day.
1. Your Instrument (stick-bag for percussionist!)
2. Supplies (cork grease, neck strap, slide/valve oils, reeds)
3. 1" black view binder - with Essential elements book, sheet music,
4. Pencil 
6th Grade: 
25% Daily Participation 
25% Practice Reports 
25% Written Quizzes/Tests/Assignments Classroom Assessment (Playing Tests) 
25% Music Performance Assessment (Concerts / Special Rehearsals)
7th Grade:
25% Daily Participation
25% Band Karate and tests
25% Practice Reports
25% Music Performance Assessment (Concerts / Special Rehearsals)
8th Grade:
25% Daily Participation
25% Band Karate and tests
25% Practice Reports
25% Music Performance Assessment (Concerts / Special Rehearsals)
The following dress requirements are for ALL concerts unless otherwise notified. 6th,7th and 8th Grade Bands: • Black Pants or black tuxedo pants* • Black Socks • Black Shoes* • Other items are provided by CCMS • 8th grade girls will be given formal gowns, but must supply appropriate shoes. (6th and 7th grade girls may wear black skirts if the length is below the knee) Refusal to follow the school dress code for concerts is grounds for dismissal from the concert and will be graded as an unexcused absence. *Black shoes and pants are available to those in need. Please ask your directors for access to these items. (Best plan is to stop by after school with your child and go through the items) 
Our band program has a LONG tradition of excellence and student professionalism in music. Being a member of Cane Creeks’ awesome band program is an honor and requires each member to exhibit professional behavior and demonstrate maturity that is above average. Below is a list of classroom rules and consequences to help the year go smoothly.

1. Have all needed supplies.
2. Be Profesional! When the director is teaching, the students are silent.
3. Follow my directions.
4. If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it!
Behavior Consequence Levels
1. Verbal Warning (loss of daily participation points)
2. Minor Referral form issued to the student/ Parent Contact
3. Parent/Student/Teacher Conference
4. Major Referral to Office
Consequence levels may be skipped based upon the severity of the infraction. Not being ready to begin class when the teacher is ready will cost you participation points.
All students are required to bring a 1" back view binder to class each day. Inside this binder should be your EE books, music that we have handed out and practice logs. (CCMS Bands use the Essential Elements 2000 method book series, available at The Music Center store in River Ridge shopping center.) Sheet music is like our textbook for band. Students will be required to pay for any lost music or music that has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear. 

A Copy of the band calendar should be in the outside back view pocket and the Hurricane Band Camp or student designed name sheet should be in the front. 
All concerts in and out of school are required activities. Remember, 25% of each student's 9-week grade is based on participation in these activities. Please check the calendar carefully to see what events are required for your child. Students will receive a 100% for each performance they attend and a 0% for each performance they do not attend. During performances, students will be asked to remain seated with their group until ALL performing ensembles have completed their selections. This teaches proper concert etiquette and instills good character that enables our students to become responsible adults and concertgoers.
Any student who finds an absence from a required activity unavoidable must bring a written note from a parent/guardian at least 2 weeks prior to the affected activity. Last minute, unavoidable absences (such as illness or death in the family) will require a written note from a parent/guardian/physician on the day that the student returns to school. An alternate assignment will be given to a student with an excused absence.
Any time you would like to schedule a conference or simply visit your child's class, please do not hesitate to contact us at school by phone (628-0824). You may also contact us by email:

During the school year students and parents will be asked to work together on at least one major fundraiser. The dates and events pertaining to these fundraisers will be on the calendar. Students who choose not to participate are encouraged to make a donation.
ALL-COUNTY BAND (2 day event)
Each year the Buncombe County Public School system auditions to select 90 middle school students who participate in a 2 day clinic conducted by a professional musician. This musician is chosen by the band directors of Buncombe County. After auditions, those students chosen to be a part of this band will miss one day of school for the clinic. Their rehearsal and performance counts as participation and performance grades for the semester in which the activity occurs. Please see the calendar for dates.
ALL-District BAND (2 day event, $12 fee)
Each year the Bandmasters of the North Carolina Western District audition to select 180 middle school students who participate in a 2 day clinic conducted by a professional musician. This musician is chosen by the Bandmasters of the North Carolina Western District. After auditions, those students chosen to be a part of this band will have rehearsals followed by a concert. Students who are chosen for this ensemble and have the highest scores are allowed to audition for the North Carolina State Honor Band. See the Calendar for applicable dates.
To be eligible to audition for the North Carolina All State Band you must place high enough in our All district band.
This is our state band festival in which bands are adjudicated based upon state mandated criteria. We will select the ensembles that have worked hard and achieved the level of success that is required to participate in such an event. If your child’s band is chosen those students will receive a performance grade for this event.
This is our state solo and ensemble festival in which students are adjudicated based upon state mandated criteria. We will select the students and ensembles that have worked hard and achieved the level of success that is required to participate in such an event. If your child is chosen to perform they will receive a performance grade for this event. Students will perform for an adjudicator and receive a rating. 
Practice reports will be graded each Tuesday for 6th grade students. No Practice reports will be accepted late. Please note: When your child has an illness or activity that prohibits them from practicing such as a trip/ vacation please write that down on your child's sheet and they will be excused from that day(s).  Students will be graded as follows:
150+ minutes a week = A
120+ minutes a week = B
90+ minutes a week = C
60+ minutes a week = D
30 + minutes a week = F
(no report turned in = 0)
7th and 8th Grade students are to practice 120 minutes per week. Practice reports for 7th and 8th graders are only collected once the week before midterms and once the week before the end of the last day of the nine week grading period. Once 7th grade students reach the black belt level and once 8th grade students reach the black belt 7th degree level they will not have to turn in practice reports. 
120+ minutes a week = A
90+ minutes a week = B
60+ minutes a week = C
30+ minutes a week = D
30 -  minutes a week = F
(no report turned in = 0)
 *A portion of any practice time (not to exceed 1/2 of required time) may be used by the student for online training of music reading skills and aural skill (rhythm and melody training).  Parents must sign off indicating this is correct and true! It is always better to practice in many short segments than a couple of long cram sessions. The time period graded each week is from Monday to Sunday and will be recorded on Tuesdays or at my earliest convenience.
You must earn at least one belt during each nine weeks to get full credit on the Band Karate portion of your grade. All portion of the test must be played with correct notes, rhythms, articulations & dynamics. You must test for belts in order. Scales must be played in the All State Pattern. Please see the band karate link on Mr. Dodson web page for complete information.about band karate!