Welcome back to school!!!!!!!!!

     My name is Mr. Clarke and I will be teaching Health and Physical Education. I am also a coach for 3 different sports at CCMS.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at justin.clarke@bcsemail.org.



     In health we will be covering a variety of subjects.  These topics will include tobacco, alcohol, drugs, nutrition, first aid, and nutrition.  There will be homework assignments that will help the students develop an understanding of the content area.  Tests will be given along with participation grades.  If there are subject areas that you do not feel comfortable having your child apart of please let the teacher know and I will accommodate.


Physical Education

     In physical education we will be covering every major sport.  First, I will teach them the basic concepts of the sport helping them understand the sport better.  A quiz might be given to help me know if the student is grasping the concept.  The student will be graded on participation and effort.  All students will be given enough time to dress out if they would like.  Wearing what they wore to school is accepted.  If the dress code becomes a problem I will be calling the parent.


Discipline will be covered the first day of class.  If the student breaks these rules, I will have to start my discipline steps.  These steps are as follows.

  1. Warning
  2. Standing during class/wall jumps
  3. Conference with student
  4. Phone call home
  5. Afternoon Detention
  6. Office visit


     I hope everything goes well this year for all of you and I am excited to hear from you throughout the year.