Remote Learning

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Mr. Brindell-Watt: 6th Grade Science and Social Studies

Core 1 ----8-9:05 (synchronous is 8-8:30)
Core 2 ----9:10-10:10 (synchronous is 9:10-9:40)
Core 3 ----10:15-11:20 (synchronous is 10:11:45)
Core 4 and Lunch----11:25-12:55 (synchronous is 11:25-11:55)

Welcome to my Remote Learning/back to school A-B in Person page!
1. My office hours are 1-1:45 PM
2. Use Google classroom to access information, classwork and assignments
-1st Block Science Yellow Team---

-2nd Block Science Green Team---qmuwxkh

-3rd Block Science Blue Team-----ooynqwy

-4th Block Social Studies Orange Team---

3.Please email me at
4. Join quizlet

5. We are using Learn360 and PBS Learning for videos and text found on the Clever app on school computers.

6.To help you in the various log-ins you are going to have daily, use this guide

7. Zoom Room Every day
8. The NC Wiseowl website will still be used....password is is
9. Look at the curriculum tabs to the left, especially the need to know curriculum and standards for 6th grade social studies.

10. The Lab portion of science is Gizmo Labs found at  Your child has the login/ me if you need that so you can log in and practice, too.

Mr. Brindell-Watt