Healthful Living Syllabus


Healthful Living

Course Instructor - Mac Anderson


            Course Description: Healthful living is a course designed around North Carolina standards for health and physical education.  It is designed to teach students the value of both mental and physical health.  The curriculum is based solely on standards dictated by national and state level standards.  The curriculum is designed to improve student health and well being. 

Text Book:  Decisions For Health 6,7,8.

            PE UNIFORMS:  PE Uniforms are NOT mandatory.  Boots, high heels, and flip flops can not be worn.  Tennis shoes and or shoes that can be worn for vigorous physical activity must be worn.  Students are allowed to wear clothing that they can participate in and are allowed to make choices about what they choose to wear.  They need to keep in mind that if they do not change an article of clothing out they may get that item dirty.  Participation is our main goal.

            EXCUSE NOTES:  Only notes from a doctor will excuse students totally from PE.  Notes from home will be accepted only as information and the student’s activities will be adjusted accordingly.  All students are expected to participate daily,

            GRADING:  Participation:  Fitness Gram, Skills, Cues, Small Sided/Large Sided game play  
                                 Assignments:  Projects/Vocab/Quizzes/Tests/Writing/Journal/Group Work/Focused Reading 


Tobacco     Mental Health              Social Awareness

Alcohol      Training Regiment       Global Sports and Awareness

Bullying      Disease                        Diversity and its many benefits  

Attendance: It is expected that students will attend class in concurrence with school policy and will make up all work in a timely fashion when time is missed.  Work can be made up before and after school and at times during class.  Students will receive two warnings for tardy and will from then on out be assigned lunch detention.  Continued tardiness will result in parental and or administrative meetings.

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES:  It is our sincere hope that the following discipline procedures will never be used.  However, in the event of discipline problems, the PE department will follow steps:

1.      Warning

2.      Parent Phone Call/Referral, Lunch Detention, After School Detention

3.      Meeting With Admin/Major Referral

NOTE:  Some behaviors outlined in the student handbook require immediate referral to the office.  We will adhere to all the rules in the student handbook.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.



Mac Anderson