Anderson, Mac - PE/Health

Virtual Learning Days
Mac Anderson Healthful Living Instructor
We will be having Virtual Healthful Living classes via Google Classroom.
Please check your Google Classroom to find assignments.
If you have any questions, please email me:

As you can see on the Virtual Learning link on this page, My office hours 
are 8 am to 12 pm each.  I will be checking email and providing assignments
during this time.  All students were added to the classroom before virtual learning
days began.  If you have issues or concerns or just general questions please
email me or comment in the classroom site that your student has been added to.
-Graduate of A.C. Reynolds High School '00
-Graduate of Appalachian State University '05
-Graduate Degree from WCU in School Administration '14
-I am National Board certified.  To learn more about what National Board certification means visit:
Some of our upcoming units will be based on SPARK fitness curriculum sponsored by the state of North Carolina.  Check it out on the link below
Healthful Living for grades 6,7,8.  See my syllabus for details 

Current Topics Include:
Dance, Health Studies, Fitness Circuits, and Game Play.

Grade Focus:
6th - Game Play and Skills Review
7th - Fitness Testing and Health Review
8th - CPR, Fitness Testing and Skills Review