Virtual Days

Required Assignments for ELA (grades 6/7) - 1. 25 minutes of MobyMax Reading Skills Literature - 2. Choose ONE article from those assigned in NewsELA (found in CLEVER) - 3. 15 minutes of Read Theory (remember to log in with your lunch # to get credit) Required Assignments for Math (all grades) 1. MobyMax Math (50 minutes) Optional Tasks (extra credit) - 1. Any grade-level task in Khan Academy (found in CLEVER) - 2. Any article you choose (not assigned) in NewsELA - 3. Any of the activities found on the Education Links page Schedule Information - Periodic email reminders will be sent to your student account. Check it daily. - Dr. Alexander's Office Hours: 9 AM until 3 PM daily - The FASTEST way to reach Dr. Alexander is by email. Calling the school will delay response time.