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10 Tips for Middle School Parents

 "Research shows that children whose parents are engaged in their education are more likely to achieve academic success. Here are some tips for getting involved in your child’s middle school learning experience."  

Why does attendance matter?

        1 - "Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students
              who do not have regular attendance." 
        2 - "...attendance was shown to be a key indicator significantly correlated with high school graduation."
             read more from the National Center for Education Statistics by clicking here. 
       SEPTEMBER is Attendance Awareness Month
                   visit ATTENDANCE for more details

44 Proven Ideas Parents Can Use to Help Their Children Do Better in School

Building Responsibility- #31 

Try a simple cardboard box to help make your children responsible for school belongings. Have them choose a place for the box, perhaps near the door or in their room. Every afternoon, their first task should be to place all belongings in the box. When homework is finished, it goes in the box, too. In the morning, the box is the last stop before heading out the door.