Principal - Bonnie Johnston

Principal - Bonnie Johnston
Johnston retirement
It's official! July 1, 2020 is my first day of retirement!

"Retirement is a blank sheet of paper.
It is a chance to redesign your life into something new and different."

Patrick Foley


In August of 1982, I was thrilled to begin my career as a teacher, as teaching math to middle school kids was exactly where I wanted to be. Retirement never crossed my mind. If it had, I would have been intimidated by how far off it seemed. I had no idea that it would fly by so quickly!  As I approach my first day of retirement in July, I am deeply grateful for how rewarding and fulfilling the last 37 years have been. A few things I learned along the way.
- Schools are filled with optimistic, compassionate, hard-working people who positively shape our students' futures.
- There is no career more challenging than teaching kids.
- There is nothing more deeply rewarding than working with kids.
- If you truly love kids, they will blossom under your care.
- When you collaborate with students' families, they thrive.
- All students deserve a quality education, which is why public schools exist.
- Prioritizing support and funding for universal education is key to our nation's success.

Every position I have had in education has been deeply rewarding, and I have loved them all. I am so thankful for the outstanding teachers and support staff in every school where I have worked. Buncombe County Schools has been my career home since 1995, and there is not a better school system anywhere. I cannot imagine a better place to complete my career than Cane Creek Middle School! Staff, students, parents and community of CCMS, I will miss you deeply and appreciate all the love and support you have given me.

Having been an educator for 62% of my life, it will feel strange to no longer spend my days in a school building. However, my husband and I look forward to many trips on the road to see as much of our beautiful nation as possible!