Ms. Soesbee - September Teacher of the Month

Ms. Soesbee - September Teacher of the Month
Posted on 10/01/2021
September’s Teacher of the Month is Leslie Soesbee. Here’s what students said about her:
“I don’t have a favorite teacher but she’s the best”
“She makes learning so fun and just makes the end of the day the best. She makes kids feel good when they do something well.
“She is an amazing teacher”
“She is really nice to everyone and explains really well.”
“She’s funny.”
“She makes it easy to learn and fun. She makes the morning better than ever.”
She is receiving a $50 gift certificate courtesy of Texas Roadhouse, a duty free lunch pass, and the “Teacher of the Month” parking spot. Everyone congratulate Ms. Soesbee when you see her. #HurricanePride #CCMSPBISTeacheroftheMonth #BCS #828isgreat #PBIS #TexasRoadhouserocks #gocanes