Syllabus for 2021/2022

Coach Chambers’ Syllabus  for 2019-2020

Grading policy: CCMS uses a 10 pt scale: 100-90 A, 80-89-B, 70-79 C, 60-69D, 59 or lower F.

My grade book is organized into several categories each with a different color in Powerschool. Tests, quizzes and extended projects will be weighted more heavily than daily work.

Keeping up with grades:The best way to keep up with grades is for students and parents to check Powerschool once per week. However, each week, I will give students designated time to check powerschool, and ask for help collecting work for missing assignments.

Tests and quizzes: Students should expect to have approximately one quiz per week. Quizzes will assess students knowledge of the assigned reading or their knowledge of the assigned Greek and Latin stem lists. Unit tests are given approximately once per 9 week grading period. If a student does not perform as well as they wish on an assessment it is recommended that they meet with Mr. Chambers to develop strategies to prepare for the next assessment. No retakes will be given.

Classwork and Homework: Most assignments will be able to be completed in class and should be turned in to the basket at the end of class. If a student wishes to take work home, it is their responsibility to ensure that it gets turned in.

Over the course of the year we will be learning the Greek and Latin stems that many words are based upon. Students will receive a physical and digital copy of the stem lists and there will be a few classwork activities to help students learn the words before each quiz. However, my experience has shown the most successful students are those that study the words for a few minutes each night. 

Students will be given Sustained Silent Reading time each week which can be used to read their choice of text or to complete required classroom reading. During some units, the in-class reading time may not be sufficient for some students to complete the entire reading assignment. In such cases, it is the students responsibility to obtain a copy of the text and finish the assigned reading outside of class.

Late work:  I will accept late work until 1 week before the end of each 9-week grading period. Late work will be penalized by 10% off the whole assignment. E.g an essay that would have received a 75 will receive a 65 if turned in late.

Extra help: I am more than willing to come early or stay late to help any  student who wants to improve. Contact me by email or phone to arrange a time.

Contact information: email: I will try to return all emails within 2 days.