Cane Creek Middle School Orchestra Syllabus

Fall 2021 - Ms. Booth



Office Hours- TBA

Room - 227

Welcome to Orchestra! 

I am looking forward to another wonderful semester with the Hurricane Orchestra! We meet everyday during the Fall semester and will finish in December with a live performance at the AC Reynolds High School Auditorium. Students will receive a grade for this class and are expected to practice their instrument outside of class. 

Expectations: Respect. Collaboration. Curiosity. Preparation. Responsibility. 

Daily Materials: 

  1. Instrument 

  2. 3 ring binder 

  3. Pencils, erasers, paper, rosin

  4. Essential Elements Book 1 (6th/7th Grade)

  5. Essential Elements Book 2 (8th Grade

  6. Shoulder rest *violins and violas only*

  7. Rock stop/strap *cellos and basses only*


  1. Learn the fundamentals of playing a bowed string instrument and perform with expressive musicianship.

  2. Analyze musical examples representing diverse genres, styles, and cultures.

  3. Understand the relationships between music and concepts from other areas such as STEM, humanities, NC/US history and geography, art, and more. 


Grading:  As you can see from the grading scale below, participation & attendance is very important to receive a good grade in Orchestra. My class relies heavily on your engagement with our daily lessons. If you show up with all materials and participate in the activities, you will receive participation points. All of my grading rubrics are created with student success at the forefront. Not all work done in the course will be graded. There will be many opportunities to receive extra points

40% Participation/Attendance 

15% Assignments 

15% Projects

30% Performance

Instruments: If you do not own an instrument, there are many options for you to obtain one for the semester. 

  1.  Renting is a great idea for young students as they offer a bit of flexibility. It allows them to exchange sizes as they grow, rentals are often Rent-to-Own, and come with insurance. Below are two trusted shops in the area with a rent-to-own program. 

Stone Cottage Band Instrument Shoppe

761 S Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786

(828) 456-4880

Acoustic Corner 

105 F, Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711

(828) 669-5162

  1. Buying is a great option for students who have grown into a full size instrument. Ms. Booth can help you find a quality instrument. 

  1. School owned instruments are available for the semester. There is a sliding scale fee with a suggested cost of $40 for the semester. All students who wish to participate in orchestra will have access to an instrument regardless of their financial situation.

Questions: I am always available to answer any questions you or your guardians may have about my class. My door (or inbox) is always open. Please remember that I am here to help you succeed :) 

“Listening is not the same as hearing and hearing is not the same as listening”

-- Pauline Oliveros