Basic Information

Hello Students and Parents, I am sure that you have many questions pertaining to the virtual classroom and how this will be setup. I hope that the following explanation will help you to better understand the process for my class.

Please remember that if any time you have any questions about anything you are welcome to contact me through my email.

My office hours will be 9:00am-1:00pm. I will be consistently checking my email during this time to help any students and parents through the transition to virtual classes. I will be checking my email outside of my office hours as well, but may not be responding as quickly.

It is so important to remember that these assignments do count the same as work that we do in the classroom. With this being the last 9 weeks of school, it is important to stay on top of your work and finish the year strong. 

All of you are great, capable students, so I know you will do amazing with this transition into uncharted territory.