Free Passes

Sometimes students forget a pencil, want to go to the library, or forget something in their locker.  Sometimes they just don't think of going to the bathroom between classes.  This is where the passes come in. 

Each student will be issued 5 free passes at the beginning of the grading period.  The student will be responsible for keeping up with these passes. 

I know that some students will use all passes in the first 5 days or will lose their passes.  This will be part of the learning experience.

Students that have passes remaining at the end of the grading period will be allowed to redeem them for a reward or can roll them over into the next grading period.

**Note:  Note no child that truly has a bathroom need will be denied.  If the child has a medical need, please consult your teachers.  Irresponsible abuse of the system will result in consequences.