Helpful Links
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Interactive Math Dictionary

This is an animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explains over 600 mathematical terms in simple language.

Math Forum (Dr. Math)

Great site for math definitions and examples.

Math Practice by concept

This site allows users to practice skills from a wide variety of math concepts.

CMP2 7th grade math help

This site provides many mathematical resources for both students and parents.

Exponent Rules Youtube video

This 15 minute video by Dr. Michael Fulkerson explains the rules of exponents.

Twin Prime Conjecture Song


MathCounts Homepage


American Mathematics Competitions Homepage


CNN student news

A 10 minute overview of the daily world news suitable for middle and high school students.

World Atlas

Maps, geography facts and notes, as well as historical information about various regions can all be found on this site.

Today in History looks at significant events that happened on the current date.

NC Wise Owl