Recommended Private Teachers
Our students have had wonderful success supplementing their daily instruction with private tutors. Here are some recommended teachers that have a proven record of success with our students.
Private Lessons for all instruments and voice:
The Asheville music school
Long history of success. Cane creek students have excelled most notably in trumpet, piano and clarinet here.  
Notable student performers: Laura Phipps, Michael Goldfarb
Kate Steinbeck
Notable student performers: Ashely Russell, Priti Chand, Antonio Carangelo, Eliza Rosebrock

Elaine Grella

606-8592 30 minute lessons
Arden, close to Koontz and Valley Springs. 

Jamie Graeber
Cara Mia Jenkins
Cara Jenkins
BME, University of Nevada
MM, University of North Texas
7 Freedom Lane, Asheville, NC 28803
Notable student performers: Shawna Clausen, Katherine O'neal, Tabitha Taylor, Jane Yang
 Professional oboe repair:
Brian Seaton
Clarinet (bass clarinet) :
Rosalind Buda
Jennifer Anderson
Notable student performers: Kevin Grainger
Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxophone
Frank Southecorvo
Notable student performers: Julian Samahl, Joe Hamilton, Jack Bruce
Saxophone Repair guru Ken Beason
 Johnny Harwood, cell 230-2070
 Robert Martin:
RL Martin ­ (404) 514­2443
Tamara Parker
 Notable student performers: Laura Phipps, Michael Goldfarb, Kendall Davis, Dylan Covert, Sam Pruitt
Sam Irvin
(828) 553-0491.

Kevin Young
Band Director, Enka HS
John Entzi
Trombone/ Baritone/ Tuba:
Teaching quite a bit here at CCMS
Chris Guilfoyle
135 Exchange Cir. #110
Asheville, NC 28806

Dr. Bill Bryant (Former ACRHS band director) 
470 Brush Creek Rd. Fairview
 (H)  628-4564
 (C) 242-3943
Also See AMS


Neil Lackey
Percussion instructor ACRHS

Advanced concert percussion
Dianna Loomer

String Bass:
Vance Reese
Kimberly Cann
 Piano and violin
Stephanie Quinn, private instructor of piano, violin, viola and beginner cello. Website: Mobile / text: 847-571-6655.