Barnhill, Karen - Principal

Karen Barnhill

Hello and Welcome!

On behalf of CCMS, we look forward to working with all of our Hurricane families this year and hope to build a long lasting rapport with each student that will help contribute to future academic success beyond middle school.

Just a few things about myself…

Previously, I lived in South Carolina before moving to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  My husband and I feel as though we have truly found our home; my son, Drake, also loves living in this beautiful area...especially during the winter when he can play in the snow!

I have experience as both an academic teacher and administrator and am currently seeking my Doctorate Degree (Ed.D); I hope to graduate in 2017.

Here at CCMS we firmly believe that educating students to be well-rounded global thinkers through challenging academic opportunities will help mold them into future contributing members of society.  To help students achieve academic success, I plan to assist the teachers, students, parents, and the Cane Creek community at large in providing a nurturing culture that is conducive to a successful learning environment.

Student safety, a rigorous curriculum, enrichment opportunities, and acceptance of diverse cultures will CONTINUE to be top priorities here at CCMS as we clearly live in a globally-competitive society.  We believe that students having access to rigorous and innovative educational opportunities will assist them in achieving the academic success that each of them so truly deserves.

Please know that as your Principal, my sole focus will be on both student safety and academic success.  I encourage and invite you to contact me any time so that I may be of assistance.

Karen Barnhill