Classroom Expectations

Classroom Procedures

Before Class:

  1. Get your water and bathroom needs done before class.  

  2. Stay in a quiet straight line when traveling to or from the classroom. 

  3. Put your gym bags and other extra items on the shelf at the far side of the room.

  4. Seating may change in accordance to the day’s activities; do not move seats to fit your own purposes.

  5. Have any homework assignments out and ready.

During Class: 

  1. If you have a question or comment on the lesson, raise your hand and wait patiently.

  2. Stay seated and quiet during presentations and test.  If you need to get up from your seat, raise your hand to ask first. Always wait until after a performer is finished!

End of Class:

  1. Remain in your seats until the teacher dismisses you. You may then retrieve your books and bags and line up at the door.

  2. Clean your area up and straighten your seats before you leave, throwing away all trash.

Classroom Rules

Students are expected to obey the following classroom rules:

Be on time.

No gum, food, or drink.

No horseplay, throwing objects, climbing or sitting on tables.  No leaning in chairs.

No cell phones or other electronic devices are to be seen during the school day unless authorized by the teacher.

Control your actions and words at all times. 

Take responsibility.

Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, doing what you are supposed to be doing.  


Warning one – verbal warning.

Warning two – Punishment as deemed fit by the teacher.

Warning three – Written referral  to the office and or phone call to parents.