Heffernan, Helen - 6th ELA

Email me at Helen.Heffernan@bcsemail.org.

Office Hours  2:30-3:30 PM
    zoom times 1st  8:00
                          2nd 9:10
                          3rd  10:15
                          4th  11:25
                    Elective 1:00

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helen heffernan
I have been teaching school for 32 years, 27 of those years in 6th grade ELA.  I have a teaching degree from the University of Florida.  I have taught in Ohio, Florida and now North Carolina, so I have gotten to see various ways of doing things and I will say, Cane Creek, is so far my favorite place to teach.
     I was lucky enough to go to England to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company on new ways to teach ELA skills that allow students to move around and think at deeper levels.  When the time comes to be back together to teach and learn, I hope to incorporate those skills and strategies.