Blocks 3 & 4 -- Assignments

Current Assignments


The Graveyard Book 

Want to listen while you read? Click here to listen to the author, Neil Gaiman, read the entire book.

QUIZ - Chapter 2

Wednesday & Thursday 11/6-7:

NC Check-ins

These are practice EOGs. The scores will not be graded but annotations/evidence will count as a quiz grade.

Friday, 11/8

Write a new chapter for The Graveyard Book

Your chapter must:
* clearly show a theme that is taught in the novel
* have a plot and characters that are consistent with the novel
* a new monster from the NewsELA article you read last week

Check out the rubric to see how it will be graded!

Write a Chapter -- RUBRIC

Share your Google Doc with me!!

Tuesday 11/19:

Affix quiz List 3

Study list 3 HERE


Friday 11/22:

Theme and Central Idea quiz


What something different? Try a Digital Breakout!

Digital Breakouts are logic puzzles that allow you to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

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