Blocks 1 & 2 -- Assignments

Current Assignments

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Keep working on your Living Memoir Project!
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Living Memoir Research Project:

You will be choosing a person you are interested in that has made a positive impact on the world or society.

Not sure where to start? Explore
 Academy of Achievement
Time's Most influential People of 2019 
(They have this list for all years, too)
History Collection - 40 of the Most Influential People

Choose carefully. In your project, you'll have to prove how they have made a positive impact. You'll have to use at least 3 valid sources and at least 1 primary source (an interview with them, a document they wrote, etc)

Project information:
Living Memoirs Directions & Options

Helpful Research Questions

My Contributions to the World TEMPLATE


 NOTE: You need to use your class time very wisely. You may have to complete some work at home or before/after school.

March 2-10:

  • Time in class to work – You will have about ½ each class period in class to work.
  • Research person on VALID websites à Use the Web Page Credibility Checklist for each
  • Begin typing “My Contributions to the World” and “Dear Reader”


    Wednesday, March 11:

  • “My Contributions to the World” rough draft DUE – printed or shared before you come to class
  • We will be peer and self-editing on this day.
  • If you have your rough drafts of "Dear Reader" or other parts, those can be edited as well.


    March 12-19:

  • Work on all other parts of project. You will have about ½ each class period in class to work.
  • If you want a pass to come to my room to work in the mornings, please let me know.


    Wednesday, March 18:

  • Suggested "due date" for other project parts


    Thursday, March 19:

  • Create annotated bibliography. We will work on this together. You must have your RAAT-O sheets to do this.
  • Revise rough drafts to create final drafts, get pictures, do any final touches that need to be completed.


    Friday, March 20:

  • Final day in class to work


  • Monday, March 23:

  • Completed, FINAL project due
  • Presentations will be “Gallery Walk” style

Want some extra credit?!

Complete a row of ELA Bingo!


Want something different? Try a Digital Breakout!

Digital Breakouts are logic puzzles that allow you to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

School Daze
Tricky Travel
Show Me the Code
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Get Me Home If You Can!
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